Short Sleeve “Joe”


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Pilates Nerd model ‘Barbara Stamis

Barbara is wearing our Short Sleeve “Joe” shirt in dark grey heather. 100% Cotton and printed with blue glasses on the front and Pilates Nerd definition on the back.

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About Barbara Stamis

-Who inspires you in your Pilates career?

 Barbara Stamis:   Fellow Pilates Nerds, Somanauts and gifted, passionate teachers well versed in their craft.

-What teachers mentor you/inspire you?

BS:  Kelly Kane, Madeline Black, Jean Claude West, Benjamin Degenhardt, Amy Taylor Alpers, Niedra Gabriel, Liz Larkam, Andrea Maida, Jane Kasdan, Gil Hedley, Robert Schleip and endless accessibility to master teachers on Pilates Anytime.

-What else informs your work?

BS:  Anatomy Dissection, Yoga, Dance, Continuing Education Workshops, Weekly class with Niedra Gabriel, Alexander Technique, Bodywork, Essential Oils, Chinese Medicine, Fascial relationships, Intimate relationships, My students, Love, Nature, Art… What doesn’t inform my work?!

 -Do you have any favorite authors, hobbies, books, Pilates books, music, passions, equipment, exercises, etc.

BS:  Dance and Surf are of my favorite hobbies.  Books that inspire:  The Body Has It’s Reasons, Job’s Body, The Shambhala Teachings, Coming into Form, and endless anatomy books. (Color Atlas of Anatomy, Kapandji, Liz Koch, Anatomy Trains)  Currently I am loving moving my body through the advanced classical work on the reformer with ease, precision and speed, but am always down for a good, juicy hands-on fascial release over the Barrel.

Barbara Stamis trained at the The Kane School of Core Integration (NYC) in 2002.  She currently teaches in Santa Monica, CA. You can find Barbara at

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